Writer’s Journey Talk

Tomorrow night (Thurs 8 PM): The author of The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers¬†Chris Vogler is giving a free talk with filmmaker Darren Aronofsky and Esalen Inspirational Film Festival founder Corinne Bourdeau, on the 25th Anniversary of the publishing of his influential book.

Record the debate and have some fun with this amazing event. You can find it here…

The Writers’ Journey 25th Anniversary Edition with Chris Vogler, presented by Michael Wiese Productions & ScreenCraft.org

Quick Update For Late Winter

Hello Filmmakers…We are still in our slow, “it’s still too cold to do anything” period, so not much has happened. I expect we’ll have our next meeting in April to re-connect and plan for upcoming events.

The filming of Sound Staged will more likely happen in June or July since situations have altered getting locations and resources planned for the original April timeframe. Fear not! We will still make a film! Related to that: I’ve put Sound Staged on IMDb in the development stage. (Being on IMDb is significant…we can add people and photos as the project develops.)¬†

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Production Schedule And Upcoming Meetings

We are set to shoot Sound Staged over Patriot’s Day weekend: April 17-21, 2020. As described in the Meeting #9 and 10 (Really Big) Updates post, a lot needs to happen to meet that deadline successfully. This is exciting. A movie is being made. This is why Pioneer Valley Films exists! Join in, be a part of this, learn how to make a film. This is an incredible opportunity.

The complete schedule is shown below. You can download a PDF version.

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The 100 Second Film

Our first project involved doing something that might fit into a film festival that features 100 second films. That sounded like fun. Then, the group decided to make two films based on this idea. One for 100 seconds, and another variation which is a vehicle to better introduce our group to other film makers.

Stay tuned. It’s coming along.