Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

We have started this co-op group as an offshoot of the Western Mass Filmmakers Group, which is a study group for all things film and video. The idea was to collect people, beginners and experts, who are willing to help others make films and, well, make them. Of course, this all starts with kick-off and follow-up meetings. These we have had.

We currently have a small core of actual film making types who are members and we are now ready for our very first project to kick things off more formally. This, we think, will help form a foundation and model for going forward. So, we need a movie project.

A project, of course, starts with a script, which we had to write after coming up with an idea, So, OK, an idea part obviously came first and, of course, we needed writers. It turns out, we had those. Now, we’re well on our way.

Someone suggested doing a 100 second movie (because, there are movie festivals for that sort of thing) to get started. Then, someone else suggested extending the project into a version that could serve as a commercial for our group. Hey. Why not?

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