Meeting #1 Update

We had our first meeting on May 1st with seven people interested in making a short film.
From that meeting and for the next one this Wednesday, these are the highlights:
Currently we are working to make a 100 second film that Mike Absous wrote titled Sound Staged. This script has lots of good elements for a short film.This is being formatted and this Wednesday we’ll discuss aspects of development and pre-production.You can see an early version in one of the other topics. I’ll post a revision once it has been properly formatted.

Other topics we are discussing in the meetings are:

  • A good name to call the group and hopefully have a webpage we can put with it.
  • Generating more interest.
  • A simple agreement for those who do participate in making the film(s) so everyone can be in agreement (credits, contributions, use, and all the glory that comes from making short films).
  • Scheduling and availability for those who want to work on the current project.
  • More Important: Finish the development of the script.

Hope to see you Wednesday!Rowan

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