We are a cooperative of filmmakers and are all about helping people make movies. Our members have varied backgrounds and have joined together to provide resources, council, encouragement, and any other kind of help to filmmakers – from answering basic questions to responding to things like, “hey, can you hold that scrim for me while we shoot this scene?”

Here’s a description of how we got started from our Google Group

Welcome to our fun little filmmaking group! This group recently got started with just a few people who wanted to make very short films together (like 100 seconds or less, so really short).
We are just starting to form our collaboration to make some interesting shorts we hope to enter into compatible film festivals. 
There are people new to filmmaking and there are experienced filmmakers who have worked for decades in Hollywood (and now live here). Being a part of this group is a great way to get involved.
Here is a secret: No matter how famous or accomplished they are today, everyone started out as a beginner. Everyone.
The most important part of making a film, like anything in life, is showing up.
We hope to see you at our next meeting and feel free to say “yep” or “sounds good” in an email reply to anything posted here.

Movie projects can be big or small, of course, but in most cases, similar events, elements, resources, ideas, conflicts, and rewards come into play. We don’t limit who can join. It’s an open environment. On the other hand, each project needs to be taken seriously, so within each, there may be more limited inclusion and agreement.

Over time, we hope to have a full list of members with skills in a variety of areas. Some projects will be volunteer efforts and others a mix of professional and amateur.

Skills needed include:

  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Screen Writers
  • Camera Operators
  • Director Of Photography
  • Lighting Specialists
  • Grips
  • Best Boys
  • Craft Services
  • Costume Design
  • Talent Scouts
  • Location Scouts
  • Actors
  • Sound Specialists
  • Colorists
  • Editors
  • Graphic Arts Specialists
  • Makeup
  • Foley Artists
  • Still Photographers

Check out our Facebook Page. We also have a Facebook Group you can join.

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