Production Schedule And Upcoming Meetings

We are set to shoot Sound Staged over Patriot’s Day weekend: April 17-21, 2020. As described in the Meeting #9 and 10 (Really Big) Updates post, a lot needs to happen to meet that deadline successfully. This is exciting. A movie is being made. This is why Pioneer Valley Films exists! Join in, be a part of this, learn how to make a film. This is an incredible opportunity.

The complete schedule is shown below. You can download a PDF version.

Our next meetings are also in place for the remainder of the year. The more involvement we have, the more likely our success. Hope to see you!

Our Regular Meetings

We typically meet in Packard’s Bar in the back room, called The Library or Librewery Room. Packard’s is located at 14 Masonic Street, Northampton

From 8:30 to 10:30 PM on Wednesdays (we often end earlier; there’s food and drink to order…it’s a wonderful place):
October 2
November 6
December 4

Russell’s Studio, in the Eastworks Building, 116 Pleasant Street, Suite 232, Easthampton MA 01027

From 1 to 3 pm on Saturdays:
October 12
November 16
No meeting for December scheduled yet

Check this out! You can subscribe to our calendar on our official website and all the meetings will appear in your Google or Apple Calendar automatically! Use this ical link to add its information to your own calendar, and you’re done!

Here is a scaled-down image of the schedule (the PDF is better for printing)…

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