Meeting 11 Update

Howdy Folks!

It’s really a joy to be in a room full of creative and enthusiastic people. That’s what I got to experience at our most-recent meeting of Pioneer Valley Films!

With our April 2020 date set for filming Sound Staged, we put the focus on…

  • Russell designs the flyer (he will be posting versions to get comments on shortly). The flyer will be one of our tools to get the word out to potential members.
  • Rowan provides Casey with boilerplate replies for when people enquire from the flyer.
  • Mike, Russell and others (not sure who else is doing this) create a video of our members: a round-table of interviews with inserts/cutaways to talk about our current involvement, past experience and upcoming interests. Russell said to think of it as an explanatory commercial of PVFilms. To create this, they need:
    • clips (or pointers to clips) of videos that show what you’ve done in the past, and
    • a biographical statement that describes you (in whatever way you want: personal, hobbies, filmmaking experience, what you’re planning to do) or anecdotescfrom your experience.

What we are currently hoping to do in the short term is to attract new people (flyer, website, online announcements) so that we can create a crowdfunding campaign (someone needs to manage this) to generate money for Sound Staged and to simply create a critical mass of members.

Also, we now have 3 members who have offered up money to make an ad-free and better-looking website. If one or two more people would contribute ($30 to $60) we can get two-years at a discount. (Let Rowan know if you can, it would help a lot.)

I mentioned my joy in being surrounded by creative people (Ed, Russell, Mike, Casey, and Joe attended) because I get to learn and be exposed to new ideas. Did you know Andy Warhol was a fairly prodigious filmmaker? Russell told us Warhol made Bad and well, many others! Who knew?

Not be outdone, Mike has written a very short film that he, Russell and Ed plan to shoot that will be funny for sure (not going to give anything away yet). Joe volunteered to edit it.

Plus, Mike is learning about color grading and has figured out a simple, cost-effective way to sync up multiple cameras so they all synchronize in DaVinci Resolve precisely to the frame. I think this is amazing (it can be complicated and expensive to sync using traditional methods).

Casey is continuously updating and refining our website and will be creating a YouTube channel for us where all this freakin’ creativity can get shown (and linked to from our website). Casey has added banners of his own photography and put in filmmaking-related quotes. It really makes the website look polished (now to get rid of those pesky ads).

Our next meeting is on Saturday, October 12th from 1 to 3 pm (check the meeting topic or go to our online calendar for details).

Come join us…’cause it’s, like, fun.

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