Quick Update For Late Winter

Hello Filmmakers…We are still in our slow, “it’s still too cold to do anything” period, so not much has happened. I expect we’ll have our next meeting in April to re-connect and plan for upcoming events.

The filming of Sound Staged will more likely happen in June or July since situations have altered getting locations and resources planned for the original April timeframe. Fear not! We will still make a film! Related to that: I’ve put Sound Staged on IMDb in the development stage. (Being on IMDb is significant…we can add people and photos as the project develops.) 

For those of you who still have flyers, please continue to put them onto bulletin boards wherever you can. A few that I posted in Florence are still up (Coopers Corner and Florence Community Center billboards).

Anyone who has thoughts, ideas, or wishes for our upcoming meetings can reply and tell us what you’d like to see happen with Pioneer Valley Films. Until then, hope your days are cinematic!

One suggestion is if you want to see a film together, post it to the group (as a completely new post) and the day/time you like to see it and perhaps we’ll have a group viewing.

Until we meet again…Rowan

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