Our First Project – Status Update

As of last night’s meeting at Packard’s in Northampton, we are officially in a pre-production phase. The script is finished and we got to see a “Production Script” version, which includes reports needed for detailed planning. The discussion at the meeting was mostly about locations, actors, and production roles.

We also discussed the need for various agreements, SAG conflicts, funding, IMDB, and other details that, if overlooked, can cause trouble down the line. We’ll likely revisit these topics in subsequent meetings. We’re trying to get the co-op group, or club as some call it, moving along and growing. So, the more people can spread the word the better off we can all be.

We’re happy to see people come into our co-op both as beginners who want to learn about movie making as well as people with experience (professional or amateur).

FWIW – it was interesting to see a productions script and the enhanced elements it contains. This one was produced using Final Draft. It’s interesting to see how far one can go from ideas on the back of a napkin to a polished product. Lesson learned.

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