Meeting #8 Update

Howdy Folks! In the face of evening torrential rains and on-going existential ennui, four brave filmmakers met for our eighth meeting at Packard’s in Northampton this past Wednesday.

We had a short meeting and discussed…

  • Status of the Script: It’s nearly finished. Rowan has been working with Luis who is putting the final touches on Sound Staged with the focus on having a cinematic ending (with a possible funny “extra scene” that could run during credits). Luis is working with Mike this weekend on final tweaks. Rowan wants to have the script locked within the week so we’re no longer in development and can safely move into preproduction.
  • Casting: Ed has contact with several possible actors and showed us pictures of some of them. (Another reason to lock the script is so the actors know exactly what their parts will be.) Once we’re fully into preproduction we will be looking at casting much more closely.
  • Working Agreement and a Basic Buy-In: The large part of our short meeting was discussing the elements of a working agreement. Who gets credited? What kind of credits? Does anyone get to put it up on YouTube or should we think about a film festival strategy first? Money: Rowan said he felt that we should have a basic “buy-in” for this project of $50/pp to have a kitty for crafts table, miscellanies, and even submitting to film festivals. Russell has volunteered to head up putting together something that at least has a minimal understanding of the Pioneer Valley Films group understanding. This will be on the agenda for our September 4th meeting.
  • Editing Sound Staged: We touched on the idea that once our first project is in the can*, various people can try their hand at editing and we can discuss those versions as a group.

One important item not discussed: Getting additional people involved. We could really benefit from having more people who have an interest in filmmaking.

Have you seen our new website? No? It’s right here

Our next meeting starts at 8:30 PM on Wednesday, September 4th, (most likely) at Packard’s back room. This meeting will start preproduction of Sound Staged.

If I missed something from our meeting, please reply!

See you in September… Rowan

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