Meeting #7 Update

Howdy Filmmakers! Last night we had the largest turnout ever: 9 people, which is a healthy representation of our budding group.

The biggest news is that we voted on a name with the provision that we can change it anytime we want. There was discussion about still being early in our formation so another name might emerge as we develop as a group. With that caveat in mind, the name with the most votes is

Pioneer Valley Films

Thank you to everyone who added your suggestions. We had 21 names and each of us voted with a first, second, and third choice on an alphabetical list with no indication as to who submitted the name. Each person’s first choice got 3 points, second got 2, and the third 1 point. Coming in second was Valley Film Group, third was Cinemass. Casey volunteered to setup a free WordPress site as a starting point.

With a name agreed on, there was discussion about drafting the Basic Agreement that outlines our working relationships. This will likely be the topic in the next couple of meetings so that when we have actor and location releases to sign (to give just two examples of why this is important) we will have a coherent structure and the name. Mentioned in this context was having a flexible working structure, since it seems too early to organize ourselves legally. Also briefly discussed was the possibility to apply for grants from Northampton Open Media (this was just a passing reference), depending on what they require. There was mention of having business meetings separate from production meetings but nothing was decided on that.

We decided that because of vacations and just summertime distractions that our next two meetings would be the ones that come after The Critique Group: August 7th and September 4th at Iconica. A couple members will look into the possibility of a different meeting location from Packard’s for meeting of PVF (already using an acronym LOL).
Last, we had another discussion of the script, going over changes Luis and Mike made based on earlier feedback. The script now, which is our first project, is in really good shape. Everyone was in agreement that the additional changes they make to Sound Staged from our comments last night will not be critiqued, so that the script can be locked soon. As part of the discussion, Rowan showed a “proof of concept” video to demonstrate how to move the camera through the windows of a café (which establishes the location of the first scene), into the scene with the first two screenwriters sitting, writing, and talking. You can view that here if you want to see it (no audio).

Hope to see more people for the next meetings and remember Jonathon’s Critique Group on August 7th at Iconica (then Pioneer Valley Films meets afterwards, location to be announced separately).

It was really a joy to be in the group last night. We work well together and have been able to make decisions that help keep moving the process of working on our first film project on track.

Shine on… Rowan

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