Meeting #6 Update

Hiya! On Sunday, July 14th we had 7 folks attend (plus Russell’s studio mate) for our sixth meeting (photo below).

Here is the low down on the down low (or the down low on the low down):

  1. Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 24th for a 6 PM start time. Mark your calendars as we move ahead with the project. (Location to be confirmed.) Haven’t attended yet? You’re invited!
  2. The Sound Staged Script:
    • We discussed the Twilight Zone spoof scene in great detail. Our star screenwriters will assess, combine, delete, embellish, distill and perhaps selectively ignore, the many excellent ideas presented for a coherent rewrite of the Rod Serling character.
    • We talked about adding more dialog but there was some concern that adding in more parts might compromise the piece. Related to that…
    • The question came up, “Why are we limiting ourselves to 100 seconds?” Originally, the idea was to submit to the local 100 Second Film Festival (seems to be a part of the Northampton Film Festival), which we can still do, but then we wondered about limiting ourselves to that length. So, we may not keep it strictly to that length but we’re getting close to calling it done. BTW, I found one archive of a previous 100SFF and these are rough and amateurish for the most part. We are doing much more work than people typically do on these, IMHO.
    • Other ideas (these were not agreed on, just brought up in the course of discussing the script): 
      • Have the first scene where the screenwriters are, be more of an earlier period with older equipment like manual typewriter and paper (circa 1970s), then the movie set shows newer equipment and the final screenwriters scene at the end are contemporary (laptops, modern environment).
      • Possibly have the Rod Serling character interact with Screenwriters 3 & 4 in some funny way (like one writer says, “No, no, no, no,” the way it’s already written, we see Serling stop talking mid-sentence, stare off sort of puppet-like, then when one of the writers comes up with new dialog, typing it on-screen while speaking it, then Serling starts to speak it, with the the writer’s voice morphing into the Serling character saying it). Or that while the credits are rolling, Serling and the Screenwriters could argue about why his scene needs to be cut.
      • Not specifically to the script but it would be great to get more than just males attending and contributing. 
    • This script can still be used to tell people about our group (with a graphic at the end pointing to how to reach us) as well as running credits at the end to submit to film festivals. 
  3. New Group Name: We just need to finalize this. Since most of the people who are doing most of the work were present, we decided to just have a simple entry and vote approach. Submit your 3 best choices, compile them, and then we’ll vote. I created a separate topic for that: Go here to read more and submit your best name ideas!
  4. Agreement: We talked about what seems important to have in an agreement that covers the basics of our little production group. 
  5. Money: Collect money as we need it. Don’t worry about it until something comes up that requires money then ask people to contribute. This was not a big part of our meeting but some people felt that winging it with money when we need it for something will be easier than a more formal system.
  6. Follow-up:
    1. Rowan: Outline an agreement to at least get a starting point for further discussion.
    2. Larry: Confirm ‘The Library’ room at the back of Packard’s for the July 24th meeting.
    3. Mike & Luis: Write up the Twilight Zone dialog based on our meeting.
    4. Mike & Rowan: Confer about green screen tests and (later) shot list when we’re in pre-production.
    5. Mike: Compile a list of roles for who is doing which job(s) and list what ones that need people who we still need to get.
    6. Russell & Rowan: Flyer to put up in and around bulletin boards to tell people about our next meeting.
    7. Ed, Larry and Mike: Have offered to help with casting and locations. 
    8. Everyone: Tell people and put onto appropriate websites what we’re doing! Anyone can write in a Facebook group (or your own social pages): Hey, a neat group of people are creating a short film together and if you’re interested in filmmaking, come join us on July 24th at 6 PM (just note that we do need to confirm our location first).

Last thought: Most people never do what we’re doing so congratulations to all of us for making something significant together! There are going to be hurdles and you may ask yourself as we spend more time on this if it’s worth it. But when it’s done, you can look back and say you made a film. And maybe it’ll win an award or help you to do another creative project. So, stay with it and good things will happen. Rowan

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