Meeting #5 Notes

Hiya! Last night we had another productive meeting of our short “pull a film out of a hat” group. Here is a summary:

  • Discussed
    • Script: multiple read throughs, general agreement it’s in great shape with just one bit of dialogue needing work (and some other changes that we will do via email).
    • Shooting timeframe: script can be shot in 2 or 3 sections on separate days; start with easiest section (likely the Twilight Zone spoof scene) and end with most difficult after we have some experience together (the first scene which is )
    • A working agreement: as in, we need one before starting production (and that means deciding on a name)
    • Actors needed: a minimum of 8
    • Money: we need to have a way to pool together some money and someone to manage that…we need someone to step up to be a Producer and make this happen.
  • To Do Next
    • Dialogue ideas section (called The Twilight Zone Spoof): this dialogue needs work, which we need to discuss offline (via email) 
    • Ed will talk to possible actors he knows
    • Possible shooting locations besides Mike’s house (Jonathon has done this already but this was related to scenes in the Sound Staged script)
    • Working agreement
    • Name for the group

The essence of last night is this: The Sound Staged script was met with a lot of enthusiasm. It shows what a lot of people can do, over time, putting their heads together, letting go of ego, to generate original ideas.

We do not have the next meeting place or date yet. Perhaps someone can step up to make that happen…thanks!

Shine on… Rowan

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