Meeting #4 Notes

Hiya! The past two days have been amazing. Over the weekend we had two meetings starting with the fourth meeting at Russell’s animation studio in the Eastworks building in Easthampton, MA. Luis, Mike, Russell, Rowan, and first-time attendee Casey, met to discuss our little group’s name (more on that in a separate update) and to develop Sound Staged further.

Most of our three-hour meeting was a nonstop idea fest of how to make the script tell a compelling and whimsical story about filmmaking that will put us on the map. (I don’t know which map, but a definitely somewhere important, for sure!)

I really felt like we got the creative juices flowing in a way that helped us think through what the script could really be and everyone came away pretty damn excited. Luis, Mike and Rowan decided that to nail down the new structure and not lose the momentum they would meet the next day.

So, today we met at my house for four hours and hammered out what feels like a really good take on yesterday’s development session. We think the structure combines the best of what we wanted to say for our first short film: make something very short that shows our talent and invites others to join us.

This coming week the writers will put on some final polish and then Sound Staged will be posted here for everyone to read. Once that happens, the development stage moves into the pre-production stage where we decide for sure who and what we need for production.

When the script is posted I will say more about it then, but for a teaser: the script has a quirky multiple reveal structure where one scene morphs into another (unexpected) scene, which morphs again, and then again, for a final surprise reveal ending. Each reveal gives another take on the filmmaking process while also telling a story.

We think the way the story is built now means we can use it to submit to short film festivals as well as to use for a calling card to attract people to get involved with us…once we figure out our final name, LOL!

Final thought: There are a lot of people on our list and we want others to get involved! Stop by our next meeting which happens after Johnathon’s Filmmaker’s Critique Group at Northampton’s Iconica Café on July 3th (that goes from 6:30 to about 8:30 pm). Then the Short Film Group meets over at Packard’s on Masonic Street, also in Northampton, about 8:30 or 9 PM.

To attend the critique group or short film group meetings, you can just show up! Have a nosh and hot cup of tea while we discuss works in progress…maybe we will see you next time.

Shine on… Rowan

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