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Meeting #2 Update

Tonight at the 2nd production group meeting we had six people (see photo) and a rocking good development session on the Sound Staged script. We bounced around multiple ideas to make the story more interesting and compelling. Mike and Luis will do a rewrite based on our meeting. They will send another draft within the next week for people to read and think about. It’s really taking shape.

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Meeting #1 Update

We had our first meeting on May 1st with seven people interested in making a short film.
From that meeting and for the next one this Wednesday, these are the highlights:
Currently we are working to make a 100 second film that Mike Absous wrote titled Sound Staged. This script has lots of good elements for a short film.This is being formatted and this Wednesday we’ll discuss aspects of development and pre-production.You can see an early version in one of the other topics. I’ll post a revision once it has been properly formatted.

Other topics we are discussing in the meetings are:

  • A good name to call the group and hopefully have a webpage we can put with it.
  • Generating more interest.
  • A simple agreement for those who do participate in making the film(s) so everyone can be in agreement (credits, contributions, use, and all the glory that comes from making short films).
  • Scheduling and availability for those who want to work on the current project.
  • More Important: Finish the development of the script.

Hope to see you Wednesday!Rowan

The 100 Second Film

Our first project involved doing something that might fit into a film festival that features 100 second films. That sounded like fun. Then, the group decided to make two films based on this idea. One for 100 seconds, and another variation which is a vehicle to better introduce our group to other film makers.

Stay tuned. It’s coming along.