Meeting #15 Update

Meeting date: Dec 4th, 2019


We just wrapped on our final meeting of the year where we regaled one another with stories of films we liked, places we love, projects to work on, and stars to be born.

Ed showed us some short films he’d worked on and even co-starred in using his wondrous viewing devices (see photo to be amazed).

Mike talked about differences between French and American cultures, what he loves about each, and how much he loved watching Midnight in Paris and Casablanca.

Rowan ordered onion rings and gave his views on The Irishman and JoJo Rabbit (both worth seeing). Mike mentioned Omeleto on YouTube as a great place to view short films.

We all discussed how we might be creative during the long winter months, and so…

We can punch-up Mike’s short scripts with more jokes and spicy dialog so that we can skip and jump our way into spring with projects galore! (Mike will make available as he sees fit.)

And we can go see new movies together! What fun we’ll be having in the new decade…who knew a film collective like ours would foster such creativity?

And lastly, no specific meetings are currently scheduled. (When we do meet, likely to be at Russell’s studio during the day.)

Happy New Year and hope your creative energies manifest your wildest dreams.

P.S. Rowan M. – “I should’ve mentioned that in addition to my ability to order and consume onion rings, in the meeting I had recommended an amazing TV series on Amazon Prime called Undone that I think is wonderful. It has a fascinating metaphysical take on time and relativity, is done in the mode of Waking Life where live actors are rotoscoped and painted into an animated style, all done with a really interesting narrative. (Don’t judge it by the first episode, give it a chance.) Season 2 of Undone is in the works.”

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