Meeting #13 And #14 Updates

Howdy Folks!

Our two most-recent meetings (November 6th and 16th) helped focus us better.

About our 13th meeting on crowdfunding:

The crowdfunding talk by Peggy Twardowski (meeting 13 on November 6th) was incredible and provided a lot of insight into what it takes to make a campaign work. Mike and Rowan have edited the video of that, which will be up shortly to view (it will be announced). The meeting lasted over an hour with many examples of campaigns, all specific to Western Massachusetts independent filmmaking.

Some snippets from our 14th meeting:

Russell, Casey, Mike, Luis, and Rowan met at Russell’s studio. Given the larger effort Sound Staged requires, there was a general sense that we need to do some smaller film projects first that will help people see what we are doing and get drawn in (Casey). They should be entertaining, easy to setup, and cute (Russell). The idea is to “build the shed first, then the house,” so people don’t get discouraged (Mike). We do, in fact, have two small projects ready to work on, Bro’hose and Let Me Be Frank, that Mike wrote and are easy to shoot. Those are really the next steps. Beyond that Casey has written a script (which he posted and wishes feedback on) and Russell plans to talk with Jim about his sitcom script.

By way of example, Russell showed us a creative film titled The Camera Adds 720 Pounds that you can view here. This shows what just one person was able to accomplish by thinking through the various aspects of making an innovative short.

Lastly, after tomorrow’s meeting, we will have fewer meetings during the colder months and have them only at Russell’s studio in Eastworks as needed (with announcements here, of course).

Below is the photo of our meeting devoted to Crowdfunding. Big huzzah to Mike for filming our meeting and editing together the various angles from the cameras…thanks Mike!

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