Zoom Meeting – May 22

Brief Update:We had a wonderful Zoom virtual Pioneer Valley Films meeting on May 22nd and the recording complete with the all-new YouTube chapters feature is on our channel here. You can jump to any part that interests you: either scrub over the timeline or click on a chapter marker in the description.

But you say, “I looked at the informative chapters you spent so much time adding and now I’m sad I missed all your witty banter and insightful discussion on films and filmmaking technique! I so very much wish I had attended!” 

Fear not! To allay your remorse and/or poor planning, our next Zoom meeting is set for this coming Thursday (June 11th) at Noon. Bring some finger food, a nosh, or just your late-morning caffeine to another Pioneer Valley Films online meeting. It’s free form, nothing to do but show up and let us know what’s happening in your world. Imagine the look in your grandchildren’s eyes when you tell them how you attended a virtual meeting, back before neocortical implants made us all part of The Borg!

So, if Resistance is Futile then we’ll see you Thursday at noon!

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