May 18 Video Conference

A little update from our Zoom meeting on Monday, May 11th…

We had Mike, Casey, Luis, Brian, Jonathon, and myself (Rowan) for a one-hour gathering. Next Zoom meeting will be on Friday, May 22nd at 2 PM (that’s a week from this Friday, in case you’ve lost track of time).

Jonathon mentioned he’s been watching How to Fix a Drug Scandal, a miniseries with connections to Northampton.

Luis is learning editing online at The Go To Editor and considers it an excellent, self-paced course with a lot of feedback using real dailies.

Mike has bought another toy he’s looking forward to working with, the Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini switcher for live streaming and realtime switching.

Mike also told us about a feature film his brother had a role in and is now online for free: Bastion, a thriller/horror film in French (not a lot of dialog).

We discussed Mike’s interest in doing a commentary on the world and he’d like people to prepare a short monologue we could record at our next meeting about what you think of what’s happening now. Could be anything. A chance to rant, argue, or present your beliefs about, well, anything important to you. So, if you’re up for it, maybe we can create a little roundtable of opinions on how we, meaning you, see the world.

Casey has been working on writing short micro budget films that we could consider making.

Rowan has been working on a short film he shot a long time ago and is now developing into a feature. He also mentioned the ManyCam application that works similarly to the ATEM Mini but is entirely software based. 

Rowan and Jonathon discussed Focus Mate, a website where you can work with another person for an hour at a time using a webcam or your phone camera. The idea is you check in, talk about what you’re going to do, spend the hour working on that with the other person working on whatever they want to work on, and end with a brief discussion. We have not tried it yet but it’s free and sounds intriguing. (If anyone has used it, let us know how you like it.)

For next meeting, we want to have a show and tell style meeting. You can bring your thoughts, your words, your toys, your clips, or just yourself. I would like to record that meeting so that others can view it at another time.

See you on May 22nd at 2 PM.

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